3675RB Used BEWO DCH-70M



Saws, Circular Cold

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Shelby, Ohio
United States


Equipped With

Material Type


Mild Steel and Other materials on request


Minimum Round Diameter

Two per cut - 0.394”


Maximum Round Diameter

Two per cut - 2.755”


Minimum Square

Two per cut - 0.590” x 0.590”


Maximum Square

Two per cut - 2” x 2”


Minimum Rectangle

Two per cut - 1” x 0.590”


Maximum Rectangle

Two per cut – 2” x 2”


Minimum Wall Thickness



Maximum Wall Thickness



Minimum Cut Length

2” long


Maximum Cut Length

118” long


Maximum Starting Length

24 Ft long


Maximum Bundle Weight

6600 Lbs


Maximum Straightness Tolerance

0.060” per 40” long with a maximum of 0.250” per 20 Ft length

Inch / Feet


Note: The Bewo DB 70 Brush deburring machine has the following capacity restrictions


Bewo DB 70 Brush Deburrer

Maximum Round Diameter



Minimum Deburr Length

6” up to 1.5” Dia tubes OR 4 x the longest section side EG 2.5” Dia  = 10” minimum Deburr length




Environmental Specifications

Minimum Temperature




Maximum Temperature




Relative Humidity


Relative Humidity












BEWO DCH-70 DOUBLE CUT Sawing machine


Bundle loader


The bundle loader consists of a solid welded construction with lifting units and cross chains. The bundle will be loaded with a overhead crane on the belts. The belts lift the tubes and separate them automatically on the cross chains und transport and align them in three directions towards the gripper feeding system. Automatically adjustable down holders assure a faultless separation of the tubes.

Technical details

  • Lifting capacity max. 3.000 kg equally divided over 5 lifting units.
  • Bundle diameter max. 650 mm.
  • Max. axial deviation of material in one bundle 100 mm.

Features and advantages

  • The bundle loader leaves practically no scratches or deformations on the material. Optional material features separate smaller tubes to avoid knotting, twisting and sagging when feeding these from the bundle loader. This is necessary for products below Ø 15 mm and below 15 x 15 mm.

Cutting and feeding



The DCH 70 M is equipped with a roller feed with mechanical stop.

The cutting and feeding unit is built up with a tandem roller feed system who is driven by two individual motors which regulates transport speed and torque. The drive rollers are covered with Vulkolan and as such can be quickly exchanged. The material vice is provided with one so called diaphragm jaw set. Clamps round tubes at six points.


At the front of the control panel the following functions are adjustable and readable:

  • clamping pressure grip vice feeding unit;
  • clamping pressure vice




Technical details

  • Equipped with a servo driven saw motor of 5.5 kW, which carries out the cutting effortlessly
  • Saw blade diameter min. 250 mm, max. 350 mm (depending on diameter/section of material).
  • Saw blade drive pins: 2 x Ø 8 x Ø 55, 4 x Ø 12 x Ø 64 mm, spindle Ø 40 mm.
  • Cutting speed infinitely adjustable from 20 - 200 m/min (based on a 315 mm diameter saw-blade)
  • Environmental friendly micro lubrication system
  • Minimum Trim piece length > 15 mm.
  • Minimum rest piece length > 40 mm

Features and advantages

  • The Sapphire cuts upwards, which gives benefits as reduction of chip contamination, easy access to the clamping area, extended saw blade life, less noise, fewer scratches on the material and an increased safety due to enclosed saw blade.
  • The robust saw head is provided with hardened and ground helical wheels, which have been mounted with nearly zero backlash.
  • A unique six-point diaphragm clamping system ensures optimal clamping for tubes with smaller and greater wall thicknesses and leaves practically no scratches or deformations.
  • Short trim cuts and rest pieces therefore very economical with material.
  • Allows the simultaneous cutting of 2 tubes

Discharge unit cutting machine


The discharge table will be equipped with manual or motorized mechanical stop to control the product length.

Products are discharged to the front, rear or bottom side of the machine. During the discharge operation the products will be hold at the table to ensure an exact positioning for the transfer of products into bin or connected machines.

Technical details

  • Table length 3000 mm.
  • 3 product exits.
  • 1 length stop with digital read out.

Features and advantages

  • The trim cuts and the scrap (<150 mm) are discharged in a separate bin.
  • Long rest pieces (>150 mm) will be discharged to the back- or front side of the machine.





DB 70 Deburring machine


The deburring machine is built up with one fixed and one adjustable deburring unit on a base frame for length adjustment. The inside and outside edges of both tube ends are deburred simultaneously. The tubes are individually with the aid of chains with cams in perpendicular direction transported along the brushes. Both brushes are adjustable in height.

Technical details

  • Wire size 0,35 mm (thicker upon request).
  • Brush diameter 300 mm, brush width 600 mm.
  • Drive power ca. 5,5 kW for each brush.




Features and advantages

  • 600 mm long brushes guarantee an optimal deburring result, because products can rotate minimum twice along the brushes.
  • Optional available special turning mechanisms for rectangular and square profiles.
  • The brushes are equipped with a quick exchange system, which enables you to change the brushes with a minimum loss of production time.
  • Motorized movement for setting the product length, with fine adjustment.